Arcadia Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct applies to the supplier, manufacturer or any other person involved in supplying goods to our companies.  The code is part of our terms and conditions and is backed-up by a process of self-evaluation and independent inspections.

The code is designed to be fair, achievable, and easy to check, and to promote the ongoing development of our suppliers.  It is based on International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions and recommendations.

Download Arcadia Code of Conduct here.


Code of Conduct guidebook

FashionFootprintCODChinese.jpgOur Code of Conduct Guidebook was first published in 2009 and extends practical guidance to suppliers and factories on how to improve labour standards based on our Code of Conduct.

The Guidebook has now been translated into Chinese and we will give a copy to each of our suppliers’ factories in China.

The Guidebook comes in four parts, which can be downloaded using the links on the right.

  • Part one describes the process of setting up new factories and our auditing requirements.
  • Part two explains our minimum ethical trading standards and how to achieve them.
  • Part three gives detailed guidance on our health and safety requirements.
  • Part four provides in-depth working practices on selected strategic labour topics, such as migrant workers.



Our Right to Organise Guarantee enables factory management to ensure workers’ Freedom of Association rights are clearly communicated and understood by all workers. This demonstrates the factory’s commitment to adopting an open and positive attitude to worker organising, which forms part of our Code of Conduct.

This Guarantee has been translated into Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish and Urdu.

Download the English version here.

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