Our employees are passionate about raising money for charity. Each brand works in partnership with its selected charity to raise money through store initiatives, product sales and activities in Head Office.

Fashion Footprint Charity – HARMONY HOUSE, INDIA

Harmony House was selected to become the second Fashion Footprint Charity last year. It has followed on from our successful three-year partnership with Tender Heart.

Harmony House is a non-profit organisation based in Gurgaon, India that provides care and education to disadvantaged children.

We raised £10,000 to help Harmony House double the number of spaces it offers at its two shelters from 200 to 400.

The funds have helped to buy classroom furniture and materials, water filters, fridges and cooking equipment. During the second half of 2013/14, work started on a new library, the purchase of equipment for sewing classes as well as computers, supplementary nutrients and monthly food supplies and a medical programme.




BHS worked closely with NSPCC, Breast Cancer Care (BCC) and Missing People this year, raising a grand total of £500,000.

The total raised for NSPCC was £195,755. This included Christmas activities, sales of Bags for Life and focused fundraising efforts in April and August.

Breast Cancer Care received £130,562 from BHS’s efforts this year that included in-store and Head Office activity. Head office ran a baking fundraising event in June while stores donated £1 from the sale of every ‘Softie’ bra. Strawberry teas were held and pink days staged while Head Office hosted an awareness and bra-fitting event.

To support Missing People in May, Head Office invited in the Rock Choir (a supporter of the charity) to teach the teams a song, which they learned and performed in one day. A video was shared via social media, which also offered an opportunity to secure support for the Miles for Missing Run, which took place on May 17. A total of £73,839 was raised, including £2,000 from the run.


Burton has supported a variety of charities over the years, the most recent being a successful partnership with Trekstock. Through a variety of initiatives from celebrity designed t-shirts, treks across the Sahara desert, jumping out of planes as well as badge sales, over £100,000 was raised to support young people with cancer. Burton will announce a new charity partner for 2015.


Dorothy Perkins has supported BCC for the last ten years. This year saw a myriad of fundraising activities to mark the decade-long partnership.

A further £62,000 was raised this year, adding to the £3 million raised since the relationship was founded.

The brand continued to sell pin badges at till points in store while staff also supported efforts with their individual contributions. Breast Cancer Care Awareness Month in October last year saw fundraising packs sent to all stores, which triggered a wide range of activities including cake sales and car-boot sales. These actions alone raised £20,000 during the month of October.

The charity’s Pink Ribbon Walks were promoted via posters in fitting rooms and posts on social media. The brand also supported BCC’s Strawberry Teas summer fundraising campaign.


Evans organised community and fundraising events this year, contributing over £50,000 to the brand’s chosen partners.

Evans support for the Dress for Success campaign, which promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional clothing, and a network of support and career development tools in order to help women thrive in work and in life. The charity’s values are closely aligned with Evans in helping women to feel and look confident.


Miss Selfridge undertook a review of its charitable activities this year. This has resulted in a significant reduction in funds raised. The brand has previously worked with the Lavender Trust, a charity offering support and information to younger women affected by breast cancer in the UK.


Outfit focused its fundraising activities on two key partnerships this year: NSPCC and Teenage Cancer Trust. A total of £49,000 was raised: for NSPCC and Teenage Cancer Trust.

The work with NSPCC centred around the charity’s Christmas Campaign, with flagship stores running a series of ‘Get Wrapped’ events to raise funds by offering a free gift wrapping service delivered by volunteers. Events also included pampering areas and DJs in store. This attracted support from soap stars and celebrities who helped spread the word.

Wardrobe wins and fashion fails were the theme of the #Fashback campaign to support Teenage Cancer Trust. The event encouraged supporters to share images of their proudest and most shameful sartorial moments via social media in return for style advice, raising funds for the charity in the process.


To date, TOPMAN has raised £357,555 for Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT). Along with sales of wristbands, employees have jumped out of planes, climbed mountains, had their beloved ponytails cut off, cycled and organised gigs among other things. This year alone, the brand has raised over £31,000 for the charity.

Through its stores in the US, TOPMAN partnered with TOPSHOP in December to sponsor The Other Ball. This is a new fundraising event staged in New York City by Arms Around the Child to help protect children in the developing world.


Three key campaigns spearheaded TOPSHOP’s charitable activities this year.

The brand traditionally supports Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) and this year was no exception. TOPSHOP’s FTBC campaign runs each summer, while items are sold at till points throughout the year. Between September 2013 and February 2014, the brand raised £7,734. April saw the launch of this season’s spring campaign with a specially designed t-shirt, sales of which generated £47,050.

May 2014 saw the launch of a new partnership with The Red Lippy Project, a charity that promotes the awareness of cervical screening. Sales of an exclusive red lippy make up bag featuring the charity’s logo and a new shade of red lipstick called `Ultimate Red Lippy’ raised £7,216.

TOPSHOP has worked with the Key to Freedom charity since 2012. The group is part of the Women’s Interlink Foundation in India, which provides refuge for women and girls whose lives have been blighted by human trafficking, enforced prostitution and domestic abuse. Part of the project’s aims is to provide the women with practical skills such as sewing.

January saw the launch of the second collection, which saw the women move on with their production skills producing beautiful silk nightwear. This was sold both in-store and online. Sales this year generated over £15,000. July saw the launch of the third and latest collection, moving onto silk kimonos, sarongs and make-up bags. Again it was sold in-store and online, with a full digital and social campaign.

In line with their commitment to identify and develop talent, this year TOPSHOP and TOPMAN launched an apprenticeship scheme in partnership with the London Borough of Newham. While the trial was limited to one apprentice within each brand, the plan is to scale up the project in the coming year. Both individuals who joined TOPSHOP and TOPMAN this year have taken up a product technology role, helping ensure the quality and responsible sources of the goods our brands produce.


Wallis is proud to be working with CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families. Wallis launched their partnership with CLIC Sargent in September 2014, in line with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, the brand has been selling pin badges in stores, and staff have been taking part in some exciting fundraising activity including bake sales, head shaves and skydives.
The brand has raised over £25,000 in the first three months of the partnership and expect to raise even more into 2015.

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