RETAIL Engagement

Two years ago a working party was established to encourage our store teams to embrace Fashion Footprint. The response from our retail colleagues has been very encouraging as they have taken the programme to the very heart of what they do.

Simple initiatives with tangible results has been the theme of our Retail Engagement activities to date, with significant efficiencies achieved in the way in-store stationery is ordered and consumed.

This year the theme of individual pledges has been revisited and enhanced. We tapped into the competitive spirit which thrives within our retail teams and turned the pledges made as part of their Fashion Footprint Focus Week into a competition.

The challenge was to find the most inspiring quote and the best idea to save energy, the outputs of which have been shared internally to further promote the benefits of the initiative.

The impact of the Retail Engagement project can now be measured via the launch of in-store energy reports. Since July, each store can now see its overall and night and day energy consumption on a monthly basis with the reports providing a list of valuable quick wins.


Following on from a very successful pilot of employee volunteering events completed by teams within our Wallis brand, we have further engaged with our partner in this area this year. We are currently working with a not-for-profit organisation that has extensive experience in pairing businesses with charity partners in a range of activities that benefit both parties.


All of our employees in Buying, Merchandising, Design and Technical Services have taken part in our Introduction to Ethical Trading workshops. The workshop is mandatory and is managed by our brands as part of the induction process.

Our senior team members are reminded of their responsibilities in the area of purchasing practices via our Leadership Expectations framework.

As mentioned within the Environmental Impacts of Our Products section, all of our buying team members have received training this year to remind them of the requirements of the REACH European Union regulations on chemicals while more detailed sessions have been held for over 60 members of our Technical Services teams.

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