The Fashion Footprint Advisory Panel currently has 13 members. The panel meets every two months and was established as a sounding board, responding and providing guidance on projects such as the employee volunteering pilot driven by Wallis.

The group is well briefed on the priorities supported by employees at head office via the employee surveys carried out in 2010 and again in 2012. The group has been challenged to provide feedback on what our three-year targets should involve and has proposed the following to be considered by the Fashion Footprint Steering Group (FFSG):

  • ensuring we use LED lamps in all new site developments and refurbishments in head office and stores in order to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint;
  • achieving zero waste to landfill from head office and store locations;
  • increasing recycling, for example donating redundant store fittings to schools and charities;
  • improving distribution of our product, reducing air, ship and road mileage; and
  • rolling out employee volunteering across the whole group.

The FFSG will provide feedback on these in the coming months.

Part of the FFAP’s brief will be to take on board the work of the Green Champions. While there was initial enthusiasm for this initiative, as we acknowledged in the last report, maintaining commitment had been a challenge. We believe this work should now sit with the FFAP to ensure there is structure and process in place to drive it forward.

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