The FFAP continues to support the work of the Fashion Footprint Steering Group, providing a valuable source of guidance and employee feedback for our wider programme.

The FFAP has met on a bi-monthly basis again this year and has contributed effectively by providing feedback on the content of the Responsibility Report.

It has also monitored the progress of some key performance indicators such as the usage of LED lamps across our Head Office and stores, moving towards zero waste to landfill from Head Office and stores and reducing the impacts of distributing our products. Our measured progress in these areas is captured in the relevant sections of the report.

A key contribution from the panel this year has been to support the creation of employee Focus Groups, which were made up of a cross section of Head Office employees. The Focus Groups took place in June 2014, as outlined below.



In early 2014, the Fashion Footprint Steering Group decided to ask a cross section of employees what was important to them about our programme and social responsibility in general.

The resulting Fashion Footprint Focus Groups were held in mid-June. Members of the Fashion Footprint Advisory Panel gathered a cross-section of 40 people from across our brands and Head Office to create two groups. To ensure fresh ideas, the main criterion for participation was that employees should have a maximum of 18 months’ service with our business.

During the Focus Groups’ discussions and brainstorm sessions, it became clear that the Our Employees and Our Communities pillars are the main focus of concern for our people. This reflects individual priorities around supporting charities and reducing impact on the environment.

The Fashion Footprint Steering Group reviewed the ideas in August this year, and work is now underway to scope each of the projects.

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