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With eight individual brands, it’s safe to say we’re a pretty diverse group. But there is one secret to our success: the way we behave.

Our five Leadership Expectations are our DNA. They apply to every person at every level and run through every part of Arcadia. They reflect our values and help us all build the skills and abilities we need to progress our careers and drive future business growth.

Commercial Flair

We have a genuine passion for understanding our customers, our brands, fashion and what makes great product. Our customers are influenced in all sorts of ways – it’s essential we understand what makes them excited. We love ambition, creativity and innovation and believe it’s everyone’s job to help develop our business.

Future Focus

Things move quickly around here. To grow our business and stay competitive we need everyone to look to the future. Fresh perspectives give us the edge – we value innovation, especially when ideas are shared in an engaging, compelling way.

Developing the Best

Our expectations are high and we have confidence in our people because we are inspired by the passion they have for their work and their customers. We set the bar high, coaching, communicating and challenging everyone to be at their best.

Driving Results

Our people make us successful. It’s their determination, drive and energy that helps us work together to achieve team goals and deliver amazing results. Our people are Arcadia.


Being successful depends on being able to work together at pace. We value great relationships and believe the best work comes from a place of positive challenge and debate. Through courage and tenacity, openness and honesty, our people build trust and succeed.

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