Given that each of our nine brands has its own intrinsic culture, it’s fair to say that we’re a pretty diverse group. But when people ask us what the secret to our success is, we tell them it’s down to the key qualities which underpin every facet of our business.

Customer Focus

Because so much of what we do revolves around ensuring our customers are satisfied, we focus on every aspect of their experience – whether it’s online or in any of our stores worldwide - and we put all our efforts into ensuring our customer service is tailored to suit each individual brand.

Commercial Flair

Engaging our existing customers – and enticing new ones – is essential with a customer base as broad as ours, so you could say that keeping a finger on the pulse of industry shifts and trends is a full-time commitment.

Being intuitive and spotting opportunities before our competitors do excites us today as much as it always has, and because we’re always on the look out for exciting ways to develop our business, we make a point of encouraging new ideas and innovation.

Strategic Focus

People who don’t know better probably think that working in our fast-moving, trend-driven sector is something of a guessing game. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate but we’re also in this for the long-term. So how do we stay ahead of the curve? By keeping a keen eye on other markets, and by being able to spot challenges and opportunities that enable us to readily adapt to the ever-changing global retail environment.

Energy and Drive

Our expectations are high, but that’s because we have every confidence in our people who are driven by the passion they have for their work and our business. Not only are they determined to make things happen, their goal is to deliver great results. It’s our ambition, energy and drive which underpins the success of the Group.

Our People

Our team of people are at the heart for everything we do. When we recruit people, we make sure that we place them in the brand that’s right for them and their personality. Our people are friendly and sociable but they’re also professional, supportive and knowledgeable.

Why does it work? Because although we have eight brands under one umbrella, when it comes to the things that unite us – strong work ethics and enthusiasm for fashion – we’re one big team.

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