Miss Selfridge work hard, play hard, look great

Glamorous, feminine, sexy and sociable, the Miss Selfridge woman is relevant, credible and confident.

With roots in the iconic Selfridges store, Miss Selfridge is a by-word for young women’s fashion. With over 250 stores worldwide and a global online reach through missselfridge.com and partners like ASOS.

Popular, strong and proud to be female, the Miss Selfridge customer is a sociable twenty-something who knows what she wants. She loves focusing on her career and her friends and looking great while she does it. She’s mobile first: her inspiration comes from Instagram as well as celebrities, bloggers and friends. She loves a ‘wow’ piece to help her stand out on Saturday night, but even when she’s dressed down her look is carefully considered – and she knows Miss Selfridge has the right styling for every occasion. Work hard, play hard, look great – that’s Miss Selfridge.

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