Fashion Footprint incorporates both the social and environmental dimensions of the way Arcadia manages its business and supply chain. For us it is about education, clarity, integrity, hard work and excellent communication.

In 2006 Arcadia Group established fashion footprint, a comprehensive programme designed to monitor and manage the social and environmental impacts across our business and our brands. Our fashion footprint mission is to:

Produce fashionable products in an ethical way – one that demonstrates a responsibility towards both people and the environment.

We report on our progress annually, and unless otherwise stated, data within the fashion footprint webpages relates to Arcadia Group’s 2017/18 trading year (1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018).

We regularly review our strategy, to ensure it remains relevant and impactful. As part of our most recent review, we have consolidated our activities into three core pillars that reflect the material impacts of our business operations – Product, Planet and People.

PRODUCT: Our approach to ethical trading, managing the relationships within our supply chain and reducing the environmental impacts of our products.

PLANET: Our approach to environmental management within our distribution network, stores and head offices.

PEOPLE: Our approach to employee engagement and supporting our customer and communities across the UK, including charity partnerships.

For more information on how we develop our strategic priorities, see the section on stakeholder engagement and materiality.


The fashion footprint programme is overseen by a steering group that comprises senior leaders from different functions across the business. The group is chaired by Alda Andreotti, Group Supply Chain Director, who reports directly into Arcadia Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Grabiner.

The fashion footprint steering group meets quarterly to provide strategic oversight; ensuring that sustainability-related opportunities are being realised and risks are being managed effectively, and resources allocated in the right way. The day-to-day management of the fashion footprint programme is carried out by a dedicated team within the Supplier Management function, and run from our London headquarters.

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