Arcadia joins group tackling microfibre pollution

Arcadia group is proud to be one of the founding members of a cross industry, collaborative group tackling the issue of microfiber pollution.

Microfibres are a thread like type of micro-plastic, measuring up to 5mm, which shreds from clothing during washing. In recent years this has been recognised as an environmental issue because these fibres have been found in streams, rivers, soils, lakes, sediments, ocean water, the deep sea, arctic sea ice, seafood, table salt and drinking water; And there is growing evidence to suggest that they pose a threat to human and marine health.

In January 2018 the UK banned microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products. However, with the abundance of synthetic fibres in modern wardrobes and home furnishings, microfiber pollution is not an easy problem to fix.

The Industry Acting on Microfibres is a collaborative group consisting of apparel companies, oil companies, washing detergent manufacturers and water companies who all share the same objectives. These include

  • Establishing an evidence base that can drive forward innovative solutions,
  • Galvanising the industry into action,
  • Collaborating on solutions, and
  • Sharing knowledge to support the wider plastics agenda

Arcadia Group recognise this as an extremely important issue and are committed to reducing micro-fibre pollution.

The Industry Acting on Micro-fibre website will be up and running soon. In the meantime find out more information on micro-fibre pollution here

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