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Arcadia Group has a Gift In Kind programme to ensure no stock ends up in landfill or being incinerated. One of our partners is the UK charity TRAID, who has worked for 20-years to tackle and solve the problems caused by production, consumption and wastage of clothes.

We host clothes banks in our London Head Offices and have gone behind the scenes to find out what happens to the clothes we donate.

TRAID's mission is to keep clothes in use for longer and their stores challenge the usual charity shops experience. Their shop windows showcase second-hand clothes with wit and originality, and there is always lots of hand-picked fresh stock to choose from. A TRAID charity shop feels much more like a regular retailer, rather than a traditional charity shop, but with enormous added environmental and social value.

The team at the warehouse hand-sort 30 tonnes of donations weekly, sourced from its network of clothes reuse banks, home collections and retail partnerships (us included!). And it’s not just clothes – TRAID will accept electrical goods, books, toys and general bric-a-brac.

Every item delivered to the warehouse is assessed by the an expert sorting team, some of whom have worked at TRAID for 20 years! Clothes are chosen for TRAID's shops based on style and condition, and shop managers join the sorters in the warehouse weekly to select stock for their store. Out of season donations are boxed and stored, ready to be distributed at the optimum time. All these finely tuned processes mean that the stock in every TRAID shop is tailored to the area and the customer.

TRAID's primary goal is to reuse as much as possible in its charity shops. However, those garments that can't be resold in their shops are sent on to processors for further reuse and recycling.

The TRAID team takes clothes that people have considered to be 'waste' and transforms them through its collection, sorting and retail operations into garments that can be put back into circulation to be used again. It’s a slick, innovative and growing charity, and our team can’t wait to support them further in the future.

For more information about how TRAID works or to book a home collection in the London area, visit their website.

Pictures from inside Traid warehouse

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