Love your clothes

Arcadia Group is supporting the Love your clothes campaign, in an effort to help improve the sustainability of the UK’s fashion industry. This March, Love your Clothes is running the Big Closet Clear Out to prevent up to 300,000 tonnes of clothing being discarded each year. The best way to support the campaign is to get involved…

Step 1: Start by clearing out your wardrobe of all the clothes you don’t want, whether they’ve seen better days, don’t fit or just aren’t your style anymore

Step 2: Make your decision, do you sell, swap or Donate?

Sell: Clothes still looking good? Why not sell them and help the planet as well your purse? Look out for schemes where you can get rewards and discounts for bags of unwanted clothes.

Swap: Reach out to your friends, and take part in a clothes swap

Donate: Donate your clothes to charity and help raise money for a good cause. Either pop them into a charity shop, or donate at a charity clothing bank.

We’re also supporting the Dirty Laundry Doodles campaign to raise awareness on how to care for your clothes in an environmentally responsible way. Click here to view our top tips on washing your clothes

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