Latest News Small Change Big Gains: taking steps in our own community

Topshop, Topman, Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge sell products with lower environmental impacts, enabling our customers to make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to buying their clothes.

Last year the fashion footprint team 'took over' our Head Office and ran a month-long 'Save our Planet' campaign, educating and encouraging colleagues to think about their environmental impact. This year, over 2 months, our 'Small Change, Big gains' campaign had a simple remit – if we all make small changes in our day to day activity, as a collective we can begin to make a bigger positive impact.

Colleagues from all our head office sites in London and Leeds participated in the events, pop ups and competitions that we ran throughout the September and October.

And finally we set a 2 month challenge encouraging colleagues to:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift (6 flights is a big deal)
  • Walk or cycle to work
  • Have print-free days
  • Use their keep-cup or own cutlery in the restaurant
  • Make sure to turn off their computer at the end of the day.

Winners, randomly selected at the end of the challenge, winning a selection of fabulous prizes!

Colleagues in Leeds learnt how to make their own home care products using sustainable materials

The Be the Change campaign boxes on launch day in October

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