Latest News Topshop & Topman support CALM with the 'Care Sewn In' collection

This October, Topshop and Topman's long standing partnership with CALM (Campaign against living miserably) continues with the launch of the 'Care Sewn In' capsule collection. The collection, comprising 13 garments across tees, hoodies and sweats, has landed in selected stores across the UK and online to coinincide with world mental health day.

The garments all feature a mix of icons and slogans as well as an oversized exterior care label with self-care messaging and information about CALM's helpline, riffing on the campaign's hashtag #LetWhatsInsideOut to stimulate conversation around young people opening up.

Topman and CALM have been working together since 2001 to create nationwide campaigns, colourful zines and a spectrum of events that get people talking. Now, with Topshop joining the campaign, the brands will be collaborating with CALM on a series a of phased activations under Care Sewn In philosophy aimed at encouraging people to open up, focus on self-care and change behaviours to improve mental wellbeing.

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Calm labels for garments
Man and woman model CALM collection

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