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Arcadia has a long-held tradition of close involvement in a wide range of communities worldwide.

Activities range from charity donations made at Group level and work with cause-related partners selected by each of our brands, through to the individual efforts of our employees who continue to give back to causes that matter to them.

This year marked the successful completion of our three-year relationship with Fashion Footprint partner charity Harmony House, which makes a significant difference to the lives of disadvantaged children and women in India. More on the conclusion of this partnership and the process for choosing our new Fashion Footprint charity is described later.

As one of the largest employers within fashion retail, we want to support causes that benefit those within the industry. So it is perhaps no surprise that, once again this year, we have chosen to support young fashion talent. This is a dual strategy, working in partnership with education via the Fashion Retail Academy and continuing to support rising stars via the London Fashion Week’s NEWGEN programme.

From time-to-time we respond to good causes at a group level on an ad-hoc basis. This year we supported a Malawi-based educational charity called the Nora Doherty Charitable Foundation. As part of this new relationship we provided donations that will help the charity, which educates and feeds young children, to source badly needed classroom furniture. We anticipate that we will further support them in the coming year to improve their buildings and infrastructure.

Our employees also donate via our Workplace Giving Scheme; total donations this year were £119,875 with 187 employees taking part in the scheme.

We have conducted a review of all brand-based activities during the year as well as updating our approach to supporting individual employee activities.

During the year our brands and head office activities have raised a grand total of £506,814. Click here to find a breakdown of each brand’s activities.

We have also raised over £143,000 for our charities through sample sales.

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