Energy management across our network of stores, distribution centres (DCs) and head offices is overseen by our group purchasing team. Historically, our focus has been on maximising the energy efficiency of our assets through retrofitting programmes, Building Management Systems (BMS) and behaviour change initiatives across stores.

Since 2015, 100% of the energy we have purchased in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland has come from renewable sources.

Our stores account for over 80% of the total energy we consume. Because we don’t own all of our stores outright, the influence we have over the management of the building - and our ability to collect comprehensive energy consumption data - varies from site to site. Currently, we collect and report data for 90% of our UK store portfolio.

Energy Reduction Programmes

Total like-for-like energy consumption across our assets fell by 5% between 2016/17 and 2017/18 due to a number of successful energy reduction programmes.

We are continuing to roll out LED retrofits across our stores and DCs. Last year, we completed LED installations at stores in Leicester and Trafford. All new store developments are fitted with LED lighting as standard.

LED upgrades in our distribution centres continue to yield significant energy savings. Energy consumption in our Leeds DC has reduced by 40% compared to the 2015/16 trading year. Meanwhile in Milton Keynes, where 2,600 light fittings were upgraded, energy consumption has been reduced by 39% compared to the 2015/16 trading year. Our purchasing team won the Lighting Energy Impact Award at the 2017 Energy Awards ceremony for the retrofitting work in the Milton Keynes DC.

We have also been rolling out a three-phased programme to implement wireless Building Management Systems (BMS) within selected stores. These optimise energy usage to match the operational needs of our stores. Phases one and two have delivered energy savings equivalent to £195,000 per year. BMS software will be installed in a further 20 stores during phase three of the programme.

Our ‘Cut the Kilowatt’ campaign is designed to reduce energy consumption within our retail stores. As part of this programme, stores receive a checklist of back-of-house equipment that can be switched off when not in use. In addition, stores receive monthly energy reports delivered by our Energy Management Database to help them identify opportunities to increase efficiency. ‘Cut the Kilowatts’ has now been rolled out to all of our stores and across all brands. To date, the programme has provided 1,186,731 kWh of energy savings.

Carbon Emissions

Our gross carbon emissions reduced by 19% from the 2016/17 to the 2017/18 trading year. We saw a 23% reduction in emissions associated with our scope two bracket (which includes purchased electricity), due to the closure of some stores as well as our ongoing energy efficiency projects. Scope two data encompasses energy purchased for consumption within our offices, DCs and those stores where data is available.

Besides rolling out efficiency projects, we are focusing on collecting more comprehensive scope three emissions data. This includes carbon emissions from business operations that we do not control directly, such as downstream logistics.

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