​Ensuring that our products reach customers in perfect condition is of the highest priority - but this should not come at a cost to the environment.

To date, our focus has been on reducing our consumption of virgin raw materials and we have made a lot of progress over recent years. All of our online orders are now shipped in bags containing up to 75% recycled plastic polymers, and are also suitable for recycling.

Since 2018, our plastic store bags contain up to 25% recycled content. We have been working to increase the proportion of recycled plastic used, but have found that the quality of finish can be compromised when this threshold is breached. Having worked closely with our suppliers, we will introduce a plastic store bag with 30% recycled content next year, which still meets our quality standard.

Following the introduction of the government’s carrier bag charge, we have also seen a reduction in the quantity of carrier bags used in stores and have increased the thickness and strength of our bags to encourage re-use.

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