We have worked closely with a specialist water consultancy since 2015 to help us better understand our water consumption patterns and identify opportunities to reduce consumption. We have focused our efforts on detecting and preventing leaks in our facilities. In the 2017/18 trading year, we saved 21,428 cubic meters of water through mending leaks. This is equivalent to the amount of water contained in eight Olympic-sized swimming pools.

In 2018, we achieved a recycling rate of 92% across out network of UK-based head offices, distribution centres and stores. Stores located in shopping centres are not under our direct control and waste management continues to be the responsibility of the centre’s landlord. We continue to work closely with landlords to maximise recycling rates in these locations, and wherever possible, we re-use cardboard packaging in both our stores and DCs.

We have introduced compostable food packaging and cutlery at our Marylebone House Head Office for employees who eat at our restaurant. In addition we introduced energy-efficient, multi-function printer devices that require employees to manually confirm print requests to the Marylebone House office - which has led to a significant reduction in our paper consumption.

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