In 2018 we published a list of our tier one manufacturing sites in order to promote transparency and accountability. In 2019 we have added tier two and tier three manufacturing sites to the list and will continue adding sites as we develop our supply chain mapping. Download our 2019 factory list* here (pdf)./ excel. Please find the updated 2020 list here. Please see image below for information regarding the tiers in our supply chain.

Our factory list is updated annually and we also provide this information to the Open Apparel Registry (OAR) a database of global apparel factories. The OAR works by collating disparate factory lists into one central, open-source map, listing factory names, addresses, affiliations and a unique OAR ID.

All our suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct which forms part of our Conditions of Trading. The Code applies to the supplier, manufacturer and any other person/facility involved in supplying goods to our companies.

*Factory list shows >95% of Tier 1 factories.

Image showing Tier list

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