A key part of being a responsible retailer is to minimise our environmental impacts. In the process of bringing our goods to market we need to be mindful of the potential impacts our business can have.

Once made, our products need to be transported, sold in stores that require lighting and a comfortable environment, all of which is supported by our teams in our head offices.

In this pillar we focus specifically on energy, waste and transport. Our working groups in these areas liaise internally with Property, Purchasing and Logistics and with external consultants who assist us with tracking progress against our targets.

Our long-term commitments continue to be to:

  • lower our energy consumption (and reduce CO2 emissions);
  • identify waste streams and work to reduce these;
  • reduce our consumption of other valuable resources such as water; and
  • transport our products while reducing impact on the environment.

Since the launch of Fashion Footprint we have been committed to making improvements in all these areas. While our initiatives are moving into a more mature phase and outputs have become incremental rather than substantial, we have progressed all our targeted projects for this year.

For the sixth consecutive year we have managed to reduce our absolute CO2 emissions, bringing our total CO2 saved since 2008 to over 38,000 tonnes.

Along with our on-going projects, our long-term technology infrastructure will be key to driving greater achievements in this area.

For the eight consecutive year we have managed to reduce our absolute CO2 emissions, achieving a further 4% reduction this year.

Two key strategic projects continue to dominate activities in this area.

Our new Singapore distribution centre - part of our business transformation programme 'Horizon' which will make us more efficient, increase our speed to market capabilities and reduce our carbon footprint across our worldwide network.

Work on our head office in London continues at pace and is due to be complete in time for Fashion Footprint’s tenth anniversary celebrations next year. Every opportunity has been taken to ensure the building is a modern environmentally sound workplace.


This year we passed the mid-way point of our milestone project to transform our central London head office, Colegrave House, into a modern, environmentally friendly workplace. We are in the midst of creating a more spacious, open-plan environment with collaborative working areas, more meeting rooms, dining areas and catwalk spaces.

We are confident that the project will complete during our tenth anniversary year, giving us yet another reason to celebrate.

The new workspace has already transformed the working lives of those employees who have already migrated to the completed floors. When the metamorphosis of the sixth floor was complete in April, it prompted one employee working there to describe it as ‘like starting a new job’.

This level of excitement is being driven by a building that, internally, is becoming almost unrecognisable. One of the most ambitious projects is to glaze over internal quadrangles to create additional floor space. Improved facilities are already encouraging our employees to be greener too; we are providing 120 new bike racks, which will be complemented by showers, and purpose built video-conferencing rooms will continue to assist our teams to use video or audio conferencing facilities to save on both domestic and international travel.

Environmentally speaking, there are clear environmental benefits to be gained by employing the latest energy efficient building methods and materials. The revamped building will offer more natural light and upgraded heating, ventilation and air conditioning. An intelligent Building Management System will maintain a constant temperature around 22 degrees centigrade with anticipated energy savings of 15-20%. New electrical systems will ensure energy consumption via computer screens, printers and lighting is minimised. Meanwhile, a water management system will ensure environmental efficiencies such as on/off tap sensors and dual flush toilets.

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