ISO 50001

Last year we took the decision to pursue accreditation under the ISO 50001 system run by the International Organization for Standardization.

Achieving this standard will automatically ensure compliance with the Government’s new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which supports the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

While the ISO accreditation remains a longer-term aspiration, we will be compliant by the December deadline for ESOS.


Our total combined energy usage (gas and electricity) has decreased by 4% this year. Our corresponding CO2 emissions are down 4% year-on-year.

We have put in place the final piece of the energy supplier jigsaw this year, ensuring 100% of what we centrally purchase is from renewable resources. Last year we had achieved 94% and during this year we have contracted with a new supplier in Ireland, completing the picture.

Building management systems are being trialled in three locations – a branch each of TOPSHOP, Outfit and a joint Dorothy Perkins and Burton. Initial savings are proving positive, giving us confidence to look at further extending the trial into next year.


April 2015 saw the launch of a new campaign to further engage our retail colleagues in our efforts to reduce energy consumption. The Cut the Kilowatts campaign was launched in partnership with TOPSHOP, creating a ‘club’ of 50 stores that have agreed to detailed scrutiny of their energy usage.

Working with colleagues across Retail Operations, we are joining forces with our brand teams to understand consumption, implement monitoring, follow up with additional training and identify potential future opportunities.

Key to this project is last year’s rollout of the Energy Management Database and we can now provide stores with selection of monthly energy reports which gives a picture of what, where and when energy is being used.

Stores have responded well, feeling empowered to address their own issues and concerns, as well as reporting any consumption anomalies. A monthly ‘league table’ of energy consumption has been established, introducing some friendly competition among stores to take up a leadership position.

In its first three months, the scheme achieved a 343,000 kWh saving.

One of the standalone projects completed under CtK has been a project to retrofit lighting in our TOPSHOP store in Lakeside, Essex. We have replaced all the lamps in the store with more energy efficient equivalents. The pilot scheme, which was completed in June, has achieved annualised savings of 170,000 kWh to date. A further ten stores have been identified for similar treatment.


Work continues to explore potential energy savings in our UK distribution centres.

We have started work on a full lighting upgrade project in our Leeds DC, driving significant energy reduction at one of our largest single consuming site. We expect to start seeing the benefits of this project over the coming year.

Following on from work to investigate the potential for voltage optimisation, we installed a unit designed to stabilise power input in October 2014. This trial has been performing well with a saving to date of 233,000 kWh. We are now investigating other opportunities for these units into other locations.

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