Where and how we make our products offer us diverse opportunities to make a difference and demonstrate how seriously we take our responsibilities.

Just as our products are essential to our business, the Our Products pillar is pivotal to the success of Fashion Footprint. Rightly, we are judged on the social and environmental impacts of creating and commissioning our products and the work we do to improve these.

Active initiatives are in place, whether it is supporting our suppliers to improve working conditions or trialling the use of waste materials to create new ranges, known as upcycling.

Reporting within this pillar falls into three key areas:

  • Ethical Trading;
  • Environmental Impacts of Products; and
  • Animal Welfare.

Fostering a socially and environmentally sound approach to doing business also makes good business sense, as our experience is that driving improvements in these areas enhances performance across the board.

This year we have further strengthened the value of our ethical audit programme, streamlining our audit methodology, systems and partners to ensure greater efficiency and transparency.

Collaborating with other stakeholders continues to be an essential component of this pillar. Working with local and international specialists, NGOs and other retailers to combine resources and expertise.

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