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Terms & Conditions

Final Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment in full by BACs, CHAPS or Credit/Debit Card only must be received for all orders when an agreed credit account facility has not been arranged and in all instances where the first order is being placed. We do not offer gift vouchers or (loaded) gift cards on a sale and return basis.
  2. Gift Vouchers are normally dispatched within 24 hours of order receipt and will be issued by Guaranteed Registered Mail or Registered Plus Service. Gift Cards are normally dispatched within 48 hours of order receipt and will be issued by First Class Post. In special circumstances Arcadia Corporate Gift Cards that are loaded with a value will be dispatched via guaranteed Registered Mail or Registered Plus Service.
  3. Responsibility for the gift vouchers or gift cards will pass to the customer upon delivery, and title will pass upon receipt of payment in full.
  4. Non-delivery of gift cards or gift vouchers must be notified to Arcadia Group Limited Card & Voucher Centre as soon as possible and in any event within 72 hours of the order being placed.
  5. Settlement terms for all approved accounts are strictly 28 days from date of invoice and customers may forfeit agreed discount rates of the facility of an account for failure to meet these terms.
  6. Gift Cards & Vouchers will not be sold to customers or third parties who intend to resell them at discounted rates.
  7. Arcadia Group Limited are under no liability for lost, stolen or damaged gift vouchers or gift cards once responsibility for these has passed to the customer at time of delivery, whether they have been redeemed or not.
  8. The trade marks of Arcadia Group Limited or any of its trading companies on customers own materials are only allowed with the written permission of Arcadia Group Corporate Marketing.
  9. Conditions relating to the usage and redemption of the gift vouchers and gift cards are printed on the reverse of all gift vouchers and cards supplied.
  10. Arcadia Group Limited reserves the right to decline the supply of gift vouchers or gift cards to any customer who is in breach of the above Terms & Conditions of supply.

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