Meet the Team Tammy Foot

How long have you worked for Arcadia?

I joined Arcadia in January 2019 and the time has flown!

What does your average day look like?

Because of the flexible working hours, my mornings do vary however they tend to start at half nine. I sit down and look at my emails, then grab a coffee before I catch up with team to work out what emails need to go out, where everything is in terms of the strategy, how all of the team are and what we Merchandise we need to be considerate about. My days are very varied, no two days are ever the same which is really great!

Coffee anyone?

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

Working in CRM is fantastic because you get to do both parts of Marketing, so you get to do the fun and creative part, working with the Design and Trade teams on promotions or how to make your emails look better. My favourite part is when you can dig around with the numbers and find out exactly how you impacted the customer, whether that’s in a single email or a series of targeted messages.

What is the most challenging thing about your role?

Finding the balance between all the brilliant ideas you have and ensuring they work cohesively with the amazing ideas that everyone else has. There are so many different stakeholders within Arcadia and it’s making sure that we have open dialogue with all of those people to make sure we’re pushing towards the same objective.

What does the future of CRM look like?

We have just invested in a new email tool which opens up a whole world of AI automation into CRM, which means we can send not just personalised emails but completely individualised emails based on how the customer interacts with us - whether that’s online or in store! We will be able to create unique communications which is really exciting.

Hint... there's a lot of exclusive discounts!

Why work for Arcadia?

I think Arcadia is a fantastic company and it is known for being a fashion empire. It is everywhere and has so much reach, so in terms of me having the ability to talk to different consumers about products, knowing people are excited to hear what we have to say and are engaged – that is really special. In comparison to my last job which was in financial services, it’s a very different reaction!

Why is it an exciting time to work in E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is so exciting because there is so much data out there and we are getting more and more of it to use and help improve our communications approach. We want to ensure our messages are relevant and exciting.

What got you interested in CRM?

I do really enjoy the creative part of my role as well as the numbers side, whereas a traditional Marketing role wouldn’t offer me both aspects. I love analysing all the information I can to help build the campaign and make it the best it can be.

What is your career highlight so far?

Launching a new email tool which was a really long project we were working on; untangling all of our data, ensuring we were GDPR compliant and then launching with our brands. It launched perfectly and it really paid off!


Why work for DP and Burton?

Burton are one of the few brands which can say that they’ve been around for over a century. Burton used to be a brand that dressed football teams and VIPs for awards, whereas now they are a well-rounded high street brand. They have such a rich background in British history and with it comes a dedicated fan base. Whereas Dorothy Perkins are reliable, they do all of your essentials and they’re a fashionable friend. They both have fantastic appeal and do really well for Arcadia as two individual brands.

What was the last thing you bought from a sample sale?

It's hard to remember because I go to every single one! I think it was an amazing hot pink (and I never wear pink!) silk dress that I actually wore to my friend’s wedding. I bought it from a Sample Sale where you can fill a bag for £10, so when I worked it out it actually cost me £1. I cannot believe I went to a wedding in a £1 dress!


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