show report topshop unique february 2017

Get ready to travel

Whether you are going global in the real world or taking a virtual trip through your phone, it’s all about being inspired by a magpie mix. “The inspiration came from Danny Boyle’s The Beach and this idea of an urban traveller,” says Topshop Unique stylist Beth Fenton. “ Goa, Ibiza or speeding through London; our girl travels all over the world and picks up pieces wherever she goes.” Cue an eclectic mix of must-have pieces; from beachy floral print slip dresses, cargo pants and super-oversized knits to dressing-up-box bias-cut satins, sheepskins and sparkles.

Make the look your own

Lily Jean Harvey, Lilly Donaldson, Luna Bijl or Adwoa Aboah…each of the 41 runway looks took the diverse supermodel cast as the starting point and made it their own. “It is all about individualism,” says Kate. “I love the idea that Topshop represents this really broad mix of girls and styles. We all want to be individuals, whether that is through fashion and music or through your actions and thoughts.” And what better way to underline the fact then the final-touch styling of cute badges printed with model names and causes.

Get slouchy with accessories

“We liked this idea of playing with proportions,” says Beth Fenton. “So one girl’s got a mini rucksack and another girl has a smart envelope bag, but she’s carrying it casually in her hand. Everything should feel slouchy.” Want to see how casual you can be with our latest arm candy? Try your hand with the Lexington Bowl bag and the super-cute Lexington Envelope bag.

Shop the collection now!

Still in need of a helpful recap of the cool looks to shop now? Let’s leave the last word to Kate Phelan; “It is all about an eclectic blend of hippy traveller mixed with cluby rave-girl, mixed with a soft and sugary, romantic festival fairy.” What’s not to love?

Shop a select edit from the Topshop Unique show now.

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